Tips for Dropping the Pounds and Inches

Tips for Dropping the Pounds and Inches

Working out is amazing, but if you don’t combine it with healthy food choices you will never see the results you’re looking for.
Here are a few of the things I am incorporating into my new 7 week plan (starting October 16), it is in line with my TRX bootcamp I am starting tonight.

– Drink 1 glass of warm water before showering every morning
– Drink 1 glass of room temperature water before each meal
– Drink a glass of water before bed
– Drink 5 of my camelbak (25 oz) bottles every day

Low Carbs (Add these to my diet – only ½ cup per day in one serving)
– Fruit
– Raw oats
– Brown rice

– Turkey or Chicken
– Fat free red meat
– Cottage Cheese
– Yogurt
– Quinoa

Healthy Fats
– Almonds
– Eggs
– Coconut Oil

Detoxing foods
– Cucumber
– Pepper
– Carrot
– Spinach

These are what I personally like, we are a no seafood house (allergy) and I am picky with some foods, but I will work with this.

Continued research and learning, keeps the brain flowing and the knowledge growing 🙂

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