Certificate completed, now onto my first client

Certificate completed, now onto my first client

Now that I finally have that certificate I worked hard for in my hand, it’s time to start working on my first client, ME!!!

The last 6 months have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and with that came very little desire to work out, now finally I have broken free of the funk I’ve been in and I’m ready to finally get back to what I love.

How can I expect to train others if I can’t train myself?!

Feels great to be happy all the time and not worried about everything.

Below are my starting stats and the goals I wish to hit.

I have built myself a 20 week plan using all the tools I have learnt while getting my certification, now time to get to work on myself again.

36yo Female, 5’7″

Current weight: 153.1lbs
Goal weight: 135lbs (18 lbs to lose)


Current bust: 36″
Goal bust: 34″

Current waist: 29″
Goal waist: 27″

Current mid section: 34″
Goal mid section: 30″

Current hips: 40″
Goal hips: 37″

Current right thigh: 24″
Goal right thigh: 21″

Current left thigh: 23″
Goal left thigh: 21″

Starting my 20 week plan April 30th and I will post updates every 2nd Sunday.

One thought on “Certificate completed, now onto my first client

  1. I can’t wait to watch your progress ! Your gonna kick your own butt!
    I think you perfect lol but I know once you set a goal you achieve it!

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