Laid off and what comes next…

Laid off and what comes next…

I’ve joined the ever growing group of people laid off in Calgary from the oil & gas industry.

The initial shock of, OMG there goes my income and what do I do now, has come and gone for me, yes the loss of income is huge, however now is time to start living within my new means.

I have gone through so many different emotions in the last almost 4 weeks since losing my job, happily the tears did stop after the first week 🙂

Now I’m finally on the road to the goals and dreams I have been wanting to accomplish for 2 years, no longer held back by the corporate world, forced to make that change and make the dreams a reality.

I turned this negative into the biggest positive, I chose to not let it bring me down but to push me forward, I have chosen to finally live the life I have always wanted to!

Life is funny that way, doors may close on you, but the next ones you open may perhaps be grander than you could ever possibly imagined.

So the dreams you ask, how are they coming along, slowly but getting there.

On the weekend I became certified in CPR/AED, so I could save your life if needed, but only if you stop breathing or your heart goes all funny, anything else and it’s off to the hospital for you to see the real professionals.

I am currently studying hard for my CanfitPro Personal Training Certification, and let me tell you, the at home portion is intense, I feel like I am absorbing so much information, learning about fitness in a whole new way.

I will be doing the at home portion until mid January when I do my 30 hours in-class and then being the ambitious one, writing my exam 6 days after that.

I am also signed up and taking the home study course to get my Personal Training Diploma from Infofit out of Vancouver which will take me until approx summer to complete and then I will write the exam to become ACE certified and eventually BCRPA certified (when the market picks up here and I can finally sell the condo and make the move out to BC, or I win the lotto, both are impossible options right now lol).

So there it is, I took something I had never experienced before, something that scared me more than I could ever imagine, took losing my income and turned it into a positive.

Just adjusting to the new norm these days and honestly feeling beyond AMAZING.

Happiness is here and growing daily, just have to push and fight when life gets tough because you are worth it.

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