Making Yourself Accountable

Making Yourself Accountable

A lot of people will say they want to lose weight, they want to workout and they want to eat better – however, none of that is possible if you don’t put in effort and hold yourself accountable.

You want to lose weight, sitting on that couch isn’t going to help!

You want to workout, go join a gym, a bootcamp, you can even find videos on YouTube to workout to!!

You want to lose weight, watch what you put in your mouth, if you eat mostly garbage, well as the saying goes “you are what you eat”, find recipes, do some meal planning, and cook for yourself.

I use the 80/20 rule, even though the 20 most times falls into the 80, I want that salad, I want that grilled chicken, I want that piece of fruit.

Once you start holding yourself accountable you can and will make those changes you wish to make.

I have a Fitbit, some people think I am addicted to the thing, maybe I am, but it keeps me on track for what I want, I get up and make sure I am getting in at least 250+ steps every hours, which can be challenging working an office job, thankfully I have a sit/stand desk.

I keep track of my water intake, I record my workouts, I do weekly challenges and that brings out my competitive side and pushes me to try and get that top spot.

I am also very active at the gym, getting in between 7-10 hours a week there, that feeling after a good sweaty workout is amazing, watching your body transform and creating your temple. 

These are just a few of the things I do to hold myself accountable, I work hard for what I want and it isn’t easy, however if you truly want something bad enough you can make it happen!!

The moment you accept responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life is the moment you can change ANYTHING in your life.”

-Hal Elrod

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