Adios 2017…. Hello 2018

Adios 2017…. Hello 2018

2017 I had so many goals and dreams I wanted to accomplish, and the first half of the year I kicked ass and felt AMAZING, August was the start of a downward spiral, life challeneged and pushed me, tried to break me, but here I am standing tall.

2018 will see many challenges as I continue my education that will see me enter a new career, seems crazy in my mid 30s, but anything that excites and challenges the soul is worth it.

Getting laid off from a job I knew for years forced me to look inside myself, find strength to push foward and work hard on bettering myself.

I wanted to leave that career for a few years and had made goals and dreams, however staying was easier.

So hello 2018, you will be the year I make my goals and dreams my reality, I will be a Personal Trainer, I will build up to the greatness I have always envisioned for it and with all that I will grow as a person, I will become everything I want for myself, I will be more positive, be a better person, a better daughter/partner/sister/aunt.

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