Burn restarting day 1

Burn restarting day 1

So after I was getting ready to post my day 7 results, I ended up getting so sick with my once every 2-3 years cold and that had me out of commission for 1.5 weeks.
However before I got sick I managed to get these results on March 7:
Weight: 153.7 lbs
Bust: 36″
Waist: 29″
Between waist and hips: 35.5″
Hips: 40.5″
Right thigh: 24″
Left thigh: 23.5″

It’s now March 21 and I believe I have enough left for 2 weeks (the losses or gains are from my original start date on February 29th.

Here are my restarting stats:
Weight: 151.2 lbs (-4 lbs)
Bust: 36″ (- 2″)
Waist: 29″ (no loss or gain)
In between waist and hips: 35″ (+1)
Hips: 40″ (-.5″)
Right thigh: 23″ (-1″)
Left thigh: 22.5″ (-1.5″)

Back to the gym full force and ready to shape this body of mine, hit those nasty trouble spots (love handles and thighs) hope to report a few inches lost in both areas soon enough!!

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