3 Day Thrive Trial

3 Day Thrive Trial

I am sure many of you have heard of Thrive and people raving about it.

At the health show on the weekend a lady was selling a 3 day trial so I figured, why not.

Day 1, I did NOT feel the energy most people have claimed to feel on it, I felt completely drained the entire day, even with 8.5 hours sleep the night before and I had a dull pain in my head all day.

Day 2, started with what I think is the vanilla shake, I wasn’t overly fond of the taste.
I wouldn’t say I had any more energy than normally have.
I felt some slight irritation where the patch was, nothing significant. And for a patch that is supposedly water proof, it fell off 15 minutes into my weight training class.

Day 3, started the day again with the vanilla shake and seemed to dislike the taste even more today.
Not feeling overly energetic.
Just not feeling this product at all, even more so with having to pay $260/month for something I am not enjoying.

For those people claiming this product is amazing, you need to ask first was this person on multi-vitamins before, what was this persons eating habits like prior to starting on Thrive.

Overall I would not recommend this product, some may like it but it is not for me.
I am very happy with the multi-vitamin I current on, it only costs me $38/month and it has everything in it I need.

Here is a link to the multi-vitamin I am currently on and what I will stick with.

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