The Rewards Of Helping Others

The Rewards Of Helping Others

I have a friend of mine who is on a weight loss journey, she had 70 pounds to lose.
So I have been working with her and created a meal plan for her with set times to eat at every day and a plan that was simple and easy to follow.
Glad to say that not even 2 weeks into it, she is already down 12 pounds, telling me she never feels hungry and she has way more energy than she used to.

Food plays a VERY important role in our lives, and the foods we feed our body say a lot.
Healthy lean diets are key to any weight loss journey, but not just for weight loss, they should be adapted into every day eating for anyone’s.

The cheat meal every once in a while is acceptable to a limit, you need to treat yourself every so often 🙂

Looking forward to my friends continued journey and her success, because her success is my success, if this is something I am passionate about and something I plan to make a career out of, I need to know that what I am doing, the plans I am giving, actually help people.

I want to inspire people.I want someone to look at me and say “Because of you i didn’t give up”.

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