I love food :)

I love food :)

That is a statement everyone can agree with, the love for food.
We all have our guilty pleasure food we enjoy, however the waist line does NOT!!!
There are “skinny” recipes all over the internet, however some of those I think could be even healthier.

Now that winter is coming and the cold weather is going to keep me indoor more, whenever I am not at the gym, I plan to do LOTS of cooking and experimenting.

Anyone who knows me, knows my love for cooking, I am very guilty of taking pictures of my food, so keep your eyes peeled for some tasty “guilty” healthier options that will taste amazing and be kind to you waistline!!

There’s no quick or magical way to lose weight. You just have to do it the natural way – diet and exercise and stick to it – and be able to do it at your own pace. – Jordin Sparks

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