Why does image matter??

Why does image matter??

Society has screwed us!!!!

There I said it. Everywhere you look it’s diet this and diet that and you must have this body type to be attractive and you must be thin and blah blah blah.
Sorry I might be over emotional tonight, I am PMSing, I’m bloated, and I am disappointed in those fucking numbers on the scale. WHY MUST THOSE NUMBERS MATTER SO MUCH.

No matter how much we think we are busting our asses, sometimes it just never seems like enough because we don’t have that “perfect body”.

I get told how ridiculous I am all the time by boyfriend who tells me how amazing I look and why can’t that be enough.

So I will continue this journey, nobody said it would be easy, I’ve even told my friend I’m helping to lose weight it wouldn’t be easy, so I really need to take my own advise.

Perhaps getting weighed when I’m bloated and emotional wasn’t the smartest thing, I it’s said and done and just gives me that push.

I don’t want that “perfect body” society says I should have, I want that body I have earned, I have sweated for, I have had sore muscles for….. THAT is the body I strive for and will work for and I WILL get it.

The one thing that felt good was my improved numbers on my baseline training at TRX, tonight was the end of a 6 week bootcamp and I am back to start another 6 weeks in a different TRX bootcamp on Monday, because work and effort will result in getting the body that I want, not necessarily the body society deems “perfect” but who wants to be perfect????

Perfect is boring!!!

Here are my TRX numbers, these testing are taken after we have spent 50 minutes kicking our asses on the TRX straps and we are exhausted.

It’s the final push, giving it your all and the outcome feels great!!

Alright world I’m out for the weekend, helping a friend move 😊


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